Shortage of lectures in Kodagu a perpetual problem Out of 149 posts in govt PU colleges 48 are vacant

Shortage of Lectures in Kodagu, a Perpetual Problem: Out of 149 Posts in Gov’t PU Colleges, 48 are Vacant

In the recent past, hundreds of students from Kodagu moved to cities in search of a good education, especially to join PUC and degree courses.

However, the government colleges in the district gradually witnessed an upgrade and the migration of students reduced drastically. Nevertheless, PU colleges in the district are currently faced with challenges in running the institutions due to the acute shortage of lecturers. 

The shortage of lecturers across the district has been a perpetual problem. While a total of 149 posts have been sanctioned under the PU Board for lecturers across government colleges, 48 posts have been vacant since the beginning of this academic year. The shortage has now increased following the recent transfer procedures.

Many lecturers from the district had applied for request transfers and the counselling for the same was held this week.

Puttaraju, Deputy Director of Pre University (DDPU) said, “Transfers of a total of 10 lecturers from the district have been approved further increasing the vacant posts in the district. The vacant posts have now increased to 58. Two lecturers have taken new postings to the district following the counseling procedure. However, they are yet to report to their posts. Only natives of the district prefer working in the colleges here. Many have applied for transfers but the number of lecturers opting Kodagu for their posting is feeble.”

P R Vijayan, the Principal of Junior College in Madikeri, questioned, “Out of the 21 sanctioned posts, only eight have been filled. Among the eight, one lecturer has now been transferred. We are unable to find suitable candidates for the guest lecturer post and it has become impossible to run the institution. We do not have lecturers for Biology, Economics, Accountancy, Geography and Kannada subjects. How are we to run the college?”

He requested the state education department to act immediately and resolve the lecturer shortage issue at the earliest.

Courtesy : Edex

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