Ariviyal Tamil and Tamilar Marabu — Anna Universitys new courses to make students aware of TNs heritage

Ariviyal Tamil and Tamilar Marabu — Anna University’s New Courses To Make Students Aware of TN’s Heritage

With an aim to make Engineering students aware of the rich heritage of Tamil Nadu and connect them to the culture and roots of the state, Anna University, for the first time, has started two unique courses Ariviyal Tamil (Scientific thoughts in Tamil) and Tamilar Marabu (Heritage of Tamils).

Both the courses will provide an insight to the students into the rich culture and heritage of the state and the brilliance and engineering techniques used by our ancestors to construct architectural marvels in the state and the scientific progress made by Tamil Nadu in ancient ages. Both subjects are compulsory for all engineering students irrespective of their streams.

While Scientific thoughts in Tamil will be taught in the first semester, Heritage of Tamils will be taught in the second semester. University officials said experts are busy preparing the course content and it will be released before the commencement of first-year classes in September.

Speaking to TNIE, Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, R Velraj, told The New Indian Express, “It is important for students to be taught about cultural heritage because through a proper understanding, a student will be able to connect to its roots, appreciate it and preserve it.”

All about English Vinglish

The course material for the two subjects will be made available in both Tamil and English languages.

“Though we want students to study the subject in Tamil as it will help them in gaining knowledge about our language, but there are many students from other states and from CBSE board who will face difficulty. For their better understanding, we will publish the course material in English as well,” said Velraj.

Along with connecting the students to their roots, the varsity has also taken measures to make them more employable. To enhance the knowledge of English and foreign languages, the university has included English practical laboratory as a subject for first-semester students while in the second semester, they will have to attend practical classes in the communication laboratory where they will be taught foreign languages and in the third semester, a subject on professional development has been included.

Now pursue minor subjects too

Notably, Anna University after 25 years, has revised the engineering curriculum. In order to help students in acquiring more skill sets and to make them prepared for the job market, the varsity has introduced a minor course.

Students, along with their major subjects, can pursue minor courses in subjects like Fintech and Blockchain, Entrepreneurship and Public Administration, Business Data Analytics and Environment and Sustainability.

“It is made mandatory for BE/ BTech students to register for the additional courses (18 credits) from fifth Semester onwards. These courses shall be from the same vertical or a combination of different verticals of the same programme of study,” said a faculty member.

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