Experts remain sceptical of ethics as UNESCO emphasises implementation of AI in education in India

Experts Remain Sceptical of Ethics, as UNESCO Emphasises Implementation of AI in Education in India

While the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has launched the State of the Education Report for India: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education, industry experts remain sceptical about ethical implementation of the same. “The tussle between privacy, efficiency, and efficacy can be a matter of concern for implementation of artificial intelligence. Although according to the recommendations, the data is owned by students, whether they are safe at the source is the question,” Rajesh Khanna, professor, president, NIIT University told FE Education.

Interestingly, experts have opined that AI-based tools can be a source of bias for teacher and create discrimination amongst students, as it might not consider socio-economic, or psychological factors during assessment. “For example, if AI-based analysis gives negative feedback to a student, teachers might consider the student as a weakone, without understanding necessary factors,” Santanu Paul, CEO, MD, TalentSprint said. He further added that this might fail to harness unidentified talents of a student.

As the report further recommends to provide a regulatory framework in artificial intelligence in education, experts believe that regulation in an open source environment is difficult. Hence it should be controlled at government level. “The nature of AI products can be vastly different. Therefore, the regulation should be at the platform or entry level formulated by the government. That would also keep a check on the price of the products,” Khanna explained.

Furthermore, according to tech-based industry experts, AI-powered products can be utilised as a capitalisation tool for the companies, which might focus on quantity over quality. “If AI- based educational tools will be used to serve the purpose of capitalisation, it can affect the quality of education and evaluation of the students,” Anand Bhushan, CEO, EduCrack said. He further added that with the implementation of artificial intelligence in education, there should be adequate teachers training to execute the same.

Courtesy : Financial Express

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