IIT Jodhpur to offer postgraduate diploma in data engineering and cloud computing

IIT Jodhpur’s Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department Offers BTech, MTech-PhD Programmes; Here are the Details

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur has established the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering to train a new group of engineers who are capable of designing large-scale infrastructures that are smart, sustainable, and climate change resilient. Interested candidates can get more details about this department at the official website — iitj.ac.in.

This department has been set up with the aim to integrate multiple engineering and science verticals to provide a holistic solution to the civil and infrastructure engineering problems of the country. To enhance that effect, the department conducts BTech in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, and will also motivate students to earn dedicated specialisations in smart infrastructure, energy, or environment during the four years of the BTech programmes.

Interested candidates will also be given the opportunity to convert their BTech to BTech-MTech dual-degree, and can they can then earn a dual-degree in either energy or environment within five years. The aim behind this idea to give students the opportunity to gain advanced training in transformative technologies and more profound research experience.

The department also runs two MTech and MTech-PhD programmes in Infrastructure Engineering with specialisation Energy and Infrastructure Engineering with specialisation in Environmental Engineering.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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