Puducherry Plans on to set up medical college with courses in Tamil says Lieutenant Governor

Puducherry: Plans on to Set Up Medical College With Courses in Tamil, Says Lieutenant Governor

Tamilisai Soundararajan, Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, said on Tuesday, October 18, that the territorial government intends to establish a medical institution offering MBBS courses in Tamil, as reported by PTI.

The Lieutenant Governor told reporters after attending a programme honouring senior citizens that she will speak with Chief Minister N Rangasamy to work out the logistics of opening a Tamil medium-based medical college. She stated, “A committee will be formed to prepare books in Tamil for medical education,” she said.

The Lieutenant Governor said that neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor Home Minister Amit Shah were forcing a certain language on the people. She also stated that the Prime Minister has stated that professional institutions in the student’s native tongue might assist them to acquire knowledge, stated the PTI report.
Addressing the scarcity of milk available through the government-owned PONLAIT, a cooperative milk producers organisation, she stated that, as compared to 1.5 lakh litres acquired daily from Karnataka to augment local production, there was a shortage of milk from that State.
“We are, however, taking steps to ease the situation,” said the Lieutenant Governor, as reported by PTI.

On Sunday, October 16, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan released MBBS Hindi course book in Bhopal, making Madhya Pradesh the first state in the country to commence the MBBS course in Hindi.

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