DU PhD thesis evaluation fees to be increased

DU: PhD Thesis Evaluation Fees to be Increased

The University of Delhi has planned to raise the fees for PhD thesis evaluation by Rs 2,500 for all students, official documents showed. The thesis submission fee previously was Rs 5,000 for students with fellowship which might now go up to Rs 7,500. For students without a fellowship, the submission fee is likely to go up by 80% from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,500, stated a report by PTI.

A university official said that the fees would now also include the charges for submitting the thesis and provisional certificates. Earlier the official claimed that the fees for both can be paid at different times but the implementation of the new fee structure would combine all the fees as a one-time payment. The Dean of Examination DS Rawat defending the hike said that t was not a substantial increase and added that the entire system was being shifted online, as reported by PTI.

Rawat also told PTI, “Earlier, students had to pay Rs 500 for a thesis submission certificate and provisional certificate. That is now being increased to Rs 750 each and will be submitted along with the thesis submission fee. Moreover, the thesis submission fee is only being increased by Rs 1,000, which is not a substantial increase. The entire process is being made smoother and the students will benefit from it.”
Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh exercised his ’emergency power’ and approved the revision of the honorarium for thesis evaluation in October.

In the upcoming Academic Council meeting on November 22, a resolution in this regard will be presented stated the PTI report. The remuneration of thesis evaluation for Indian examiners is expected to increase from Rs 1,500 to Rs 5,000, while the fee for foreign examiners will go up from Rs 1,500 to Rs 8,126.33, as reported by PTI.

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