Toppers Tips How Kanishk Sharma cracked IIT JEE Main Advanced— reference books preparation strategy

Toppers’ Tips: How Kanishk Sharma Cracked IIT JEE Main, Advanced — Reference Books, Preparation Strategy

anishk Sharma secured AIR 20 in JEE Main and AIR 58 in JEE Advanced in 2022 in his first attempt and got a seat in his dream college and branch — Computer Science engineering at IIT Bombay.

Kanishk started preparing for the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) from class 9 onwards. He joined a Kota-based institute for class 11 and 12, however, due to the pandemic, the classes were held online. He spoke to and shared his tips to ace the entrance test.

A timetable gives you a basic outline of how to plan your day and what things you need to get done on any given day. In my case, I would always ensure that I fulfill the tasks I have set up for myself for a given day and stick to my syllabus and then do anything outside of it if needed.

Completing the course right before the exam will leave you with no time for revision, and trust me on this that revision is very important. Revision not only helps you mark your weakness but also helps you in understanding your strengths

Like everyone has their own study plan which helps them with their learning, I too had my own study plan. Instead of revising all three subjects every day, I would study two subjects every day on a rotational basis. It would maintain the consistency of studying the subjects as well as give me the much-needed break.

That one ‘tough’ topic

I had trouble with Inorganic Chemistry. It was difficult to memorise therefore I ensured that I studied it at least every alternate day and revised it, in order to be better at it, after all, practice makes perfect.

My weaknesses and strengths

Since my father is a maths teacher and he always taught me, I developed an interest in the subject from very early on. Physics was not easy, nor difficult. It is manageable if you get your doubts resolved. I did find Chemistry a little difficult though.

Books I referred

I stuck to the books and study material provided by my coaching centre but other than that I studied H C Verma for Physics, JD Lee for Inorganic Chemistry and LG Wade for organic chemistry.

In his class 12, Kanishk had Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Physical Education. Though he had an interest in Computers, he did not formally study them in 11th and 12th grade. His school did not have Computer classes, it was either physical education or painting. It is for the first time that he is studying computer science and that too with such depth in college.

Apart from studies, Kanishk has a keen interest in music and loves playing sports and has joined the singing club at IIT Bombay. Even during his preparation, he would take out time for himself where would listen to music, and play a sport.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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