Affordable Education Study Product Design from Italy under Rs 25 lakh – top universities visa policy

Study Product Design From Italy Under Rs 25 Lakh – Top Universities, Visa Policy

Product design is an ever-expanding field that is attracting many students. An interdisciplinary subject, it is intrinsically creative and explores methods and tools to develop innovative products, systems, and services. Product design beautifully amalgamates engineering and arts to deliver the best to consumers.

Students with a deep interest in gauging and studying the importance of product utility and aesthetics and how the two must be seamlessly combined must explore this career path.

Why Italy?
Italy holds the reins as an affordable study-abroad destination for international students. As per the Ministry of External Affairs data, a total of 5,897 Indian students are currently studying in Italy. Numerous factors contribute to the nation’s growing appeal among the study-abroad community.

Quality education at affordable cost is the primary consideration for students. Additionally, the numerous course options — over 500 English-taught courses — attract learners from all over the world.

Dynamic courses like product design offered by Italian universities are also gaining popularity among students. Pursuing product design in Italy can be a viable option for students who want to study abroad but have budget constraints.

Researching universities

Many renowned universities in Italy offer Product Design courses that students can pursue without burning a hole in their pocket. While choosing a university, students must ensure that their long-term goals align with the university they want to attend.

Some of the best universities for students to pursue this course on a budget are-
● Raffles Milano Istituto Moda eDesign
Course – 10 months’ master’s degree in Product and Interior Design
Tuition fee- 23,000 EUR (Approx. Rs 20,28,975 )

● Domus Academy
Course – Masters in Product Design of 11 months.
Tuition fee- 25.700 EUR (Approx. Rs 22,67,159)

● Politecnico di Milano
Course- 2 years’ Integrated Product Design
Tuition fee- 3,891 EUR/year (Approx. Rs 3,42,810 per year)

● Sapienza University of Rome
Course- Product and Service Design course of 2 years.
Tuition fee- 2,924 EUR/year (Approx. Rs 2,57,944 per year)

Students can stay in Pisa, Padua, Turin, and Bologna, as these places are 30 per cent less expensive than Milan and Rome.

Applying for scholarships

Around 60 per cent of international students benefit from the scholarships offered by Italian universities, proving that applying for such scholarships is one of the best ways to study on a budget. Italy is offering over 800 scholarships for the academic year 2023-24, so students must apply wherever they are eligible. Some scholarships that students planning to pursue Product Design can apply for are – The Talents for Future scholarship, Invest Your Talent in Italy Program, Diritto allo Studio Universitario (DSU), Italian Government Scholarships, and other merit and need-based scholarships.

Choosing accommodation

Finding accommodation is a crucial aspect for students moving to Italy for their studies. They need to consider many factors, such as budget, accessibility to the college/university, location, amenities offered, etc, before finalising their accommodation.

Italy provides various types of student accommodation based on different budgets, such as dormitories, student houses, shared room rentals, and apartments. The cost of student dormitories ranges from 250-400 Euros per month.

Some students prefer room rentals, where they are supposed to pay for a single or double sharing room in an apartment. Room rentals start from 350 Euros and can go up to 600 Euros depending on the location.

Study, and post-study work-permit
Students need to apply for a student visa to be able to study in Italy. The country offers two types of student visas based on their study duration.

● Type C- Students who apply for a short course that lasts less than 90 days need to apply for a type C visa.
● Type D – This visa is needed by students who apply for a degree course that lasts over 90 days.

International students who have pursued their second-level master’s or PhD in Italy can apply for a post-study work visa. They can stay back in the country for 12 months after completing their degree by applying for a Residence Permit. Students must get a full-time job during this period to stay in the country. Once they get a job, they can switch to a work permit. The students need to show certain documents while applying, which include-
● Employment proof
● Residence proof
● Employer’s information, including name, contact details, company records, tax returns, etc.
● Housing arrangements proof.

Candidates can apply for permanent residency after completing a minimum of 5 years in the country. As multiple types of visas are available, applicants must be well aware of which visa they qualify for and apply accordingly.

While studying Product Design in Italy can open doors of opportunities, it is crucial to plan well whether or not students are on a budget. Therefore, thorough research and proper guidance are essential for applicants to take their dream flight.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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