UGC gives the green Light Students can now pursue two full time degrees simultaneousl

UGC Gives the Green Light: Students Can Now Pursue Two Full-Time Degrees Simultaneously

The University Grants Commission (UGC) today, January 10, released a notice requesting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to establish facilitative mechanisms through their statutory bodies to enable students to pursue two academic programmes simultaneously.

The notice released by the UGC highlighted the difficulties that students are facing due to the requirement of migration certificates or school leaving certificates by HEIs.

“It has come to the notice of the UGC that students are facing difficulties as HEIs insist on migration certificates/ school Leaving Certificate. In the absence of these certificates, the students are not granted admission and that defeats the facility of pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously,” the notice read.

The UGC has previously issued guidelines that permit students to simultaneously pursue two academic programmes. In light of this, the UGC has requested HEIs to implement these guidelines for the benefit of students by devising mechanisms through their statutory bodies to facilitate the simultaneous pursuit of two academic programmes.

The UGC’s guidelines allow students to pursue two full-time academic programmes simultaneously, as long as class times do not overlap. This is an important development as it expands upon previous guidelines that only permitted the simultaneous pursuit of one regular and one distance course and now allows the pursuit of two full-time degrees simultaneously.

Courtesy : Edex

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