Staying relevant in ChatGPT era Former IIT Delhi Director explains importance of creativity innovation

How to stay relevant in ChatGPT era? Former IIT Delhi Director explains

Several Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT are now slowly becoming popular in the country, and with these tools taking the centre stage now, it is important to ensure your skillset is regularly updated.

Keeping this in mind, the former IIT Delhi director, V Ramgopal Rao, penned down some suggestions for students in a Twitter post.

Rao suggests students and IT employees to first ensure that they not only understand how to use softwares such as ChatGPT, but also learn to use it efficiently. “Learn to use new tools like ChatGPT effectively to boost your personal and group’s productivity. Just as you don’t hire a driver who can’t use Google Maps, no company will hire you in the future if you can’t use these tools effectively. Always remember, technology can be a useful servant but a dangerous master,” he said.

He also emphasis on the importance of networking. In this modern age, it is important to ensure that you network with people from different age groups, cultures, attitudes and backgrounds. This will give your profile an edge over the machines. “There is enough evidence to suggest that your connections and networks are more important for innovation than your knowledge and creativity,” he said.

The other three suggestions from Rao mainly talk about how it is important to follow the heart when it comes to choosing the career, but equally important to let the brain takeover and do all the subsequent planning. “If you take all your decisions by your mind, you may never find your passion and may never do anything great. If you always let your heart to decide, you may not be able to deal with the repercussions,” he said.

Rao also mentions that an employee should always believe in team work and forward the team, rather than personally. However, he also advises to move on from the current job if the “job is getting too routine, too comfortable and if you aren’t learning anything new,” Rao suggested.

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