Telangana government British Council collectively offer residential short term certificate course

Telangana government, British Council collectively launch residential short-term certificate course

The Telangana government has launched a residential short-term certificate course in collaboration with the British Council. This course is being introduced under the Scholarships for Outstanding Undergraduate Talent (SCOUT) programme by GREAT for the Government of Telangana.

As a part of this initiative, 15 undergraduate level students along with two faculty members from Telangana will be hosted by the University of Glasgow in March and April 2023 for a two-week short-term certified course on ‘How to be More Rational: Critical Thinking, Logic and Reasoning’.

This short course aims to help students develop their academic and research skills, and gain inter-disciplinary knowledge through new pedagogical methods. The activity will also enable students to impact their own local community, institutions and future workplaces through their learning.

Students from various higher education institutions from the state of Telangana were selected on the basis of merit. The government is funding the travel and visa costs for all students and faculty.

In a reciprocal arrangement, the Telangana government will reserve five masters scholarships for study in UK universities as part of their Chief Minister’s Overseas Scholarship Scheme in the state.

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