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uLektz Collaborates with Markanda National College

uLektz, a Digital Learning Platform with Academia & Industry Connect for Colleges and Universities has partnered with Markanda National College. Through this partnership, Markanda National College has developed a cloud-based learning and networking platform with white-labelled mobile app. This platform facilitate students and faculty to connect with alumni and industry for professional development and social learning. It also provides a digital library of quality learning resources such as eBooks, videos, lectures, etc., exclusively for their institution members. This platform helps to stay connected with all the members of the institution through messages and notifications.

About uLektz:

uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited is an EdTech SaaS company headquartered in Chennai, a SaaS hub of India. It was founded in the year 2016 by a team of edtech professionals having about 2 decades of experience working with various colleges, universities, education publishers and ministries of education worldwide. uLektz helps colleges & universities to build their own networking platform to facilitate academia-industry connect and ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed. uLektz provides a uniquely connected experience across a broad set of offerings aimed at driving students success, improved institutional outcomes and stay ahead of education transformation challenges.

About Markanda National College:

Markanda National College, Shahabad Markanda was established in 1971 by M.N. College Educational Society primarily to cater to the educational needs of this predominantly rural area. At that time, no co-educational college existed at Shahabad, Ladwa, Ismailabad, Pehowa and even at Kurukshetra- the seat of Kurukshetra University, except University College, where only a limited number of students could get admission on merit basis. The establishment of this college proved to be a boon for this area. Ever since its inception, the college has not looked back and making significant strides, has developed into a multifaculty institution, imparting instructions in English at Post-graduate level and in Arts, Science and Commerce streams at Under-graduate level.

Launch of Mobile App:

Markanda National College launched its Digital Learning Platform & Mobile App on 10.02.2023 which helps to improve their institutional outcomes and stay ahead of education transform challenges.

The AI Powered App helps Markanda National College to

* Create and manage profiles and digital records of all the students, staff and alumni of the institution.

* Provide ease of access to their digital resources.

* Drive collaboration and stay connected with all the members of the institution through messages and notifications.

* Facilitate their students with academia and industry connect

* Offer assessment packages to practice and prepare for various competitive, entrance and placement exams.

* Help students connect with alumni and industry professionals for the opportunity to do some live industry projects and internships.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore using the below link :

Mobile App URL:

Web URL:

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