Study Abroad Why do Indians prefer ensuite accommodation Students

Study Abroad: Why Do Indians Prefer Ensuite Accommodation? Students Explain

Studying abroad can be exciting but it might also prove to be a tough experience at the same time, especially when you share the accommodation with someone else. According to data provided by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Subhas Sarkar, in the Lok Sabha, the number of Indians enrolled in foreign varsities increased from 4.44 lakh in 2021 to 7.5 lakh in 2022. This proved that the number of Indian nationals heading abroad has been increasing post Covid.

The spike in the number of students going abroad suggests that the demand for student accommodation in foreign countries has also gone up. International student accommodations usually come in different options such as shared rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, ensuite, studio apartments and more.

What do Indian students prefer the most?

Interestingly, University Living, a global student housing platform, recently conducted a survey that revealed 70 per cent UG students from India choose ensuite accommodation when heading abroad to study. Another survey conducted by UniAcco (a student housing platform) also revealed that 50.2 per cent of Indian students prefer ensuite apartments. These apartments typically come with a kitchen, bathroom, and living area, allowing students to live independently and cook their own meals.

The reason behind this choice of accommodation is that it offers the most cost-effective as well as a hassle-free living experience. “I currently stay in a single room with a washroom attached (ensuite), but the kitchen is being shared by six people,” said Anuj, who is currently pursuing MA Film and Media Production from Coventry University, UK.

In addition to the cost, his reason for choosing an ensuite accommodation was also the proximity to the university campus. “I chose this apartment as it is in the heart of the Coventry city centre, with all the facilities nearby and the accommodation itself was newly started. The university is just six minutes away from the place (on a walk), however, it costs me (£ 700 per month). It is almost similar to what shared rooms would have cost me,” he explained.

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