New Course by IITs 4 year BS degree in Data Science and Applications

New Course by IITs: 4-Year BS Degree in Data Science and Applications

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras last year launched the BS Degree in Data Science and Applications. Candidates can apply for the May 2023 batch at the official website- till May 10. The programme provides candidates an option to exit earlier in the foundation, diploma, or BSc degree level. The programme will be taught through online mode.

Admission to the programme’s foundation level is done in two ways, either through a regular entry or through the JEE-based entry. In the regular entry, candidates can be admitted by successfully completing the qualifier process while in the JEE-based entry, candidates eligible to appear for the most recent JEE Advanced are directly admitted to the Foundation Level.

BS programme- Course Structure
There are four levels in the IIT Madras degree programme and to get the BS Degree in Data Science and Applications, a student has to successfully complete all four levels. Students have the flexibility to exit at any level.

The four stages of the programme include- foundation, diploma (diploma in programming or diploma in data science), BSc degree in Programming and Data Science and finally BS degree in Data Science and Applications.

Every academic year is equally divided into three terms of four months each – January Term, May Term and September Term.

BS Programme- Fee structure

Course Total Credits Total Fees INR
Foundation Only 32 Rs 32,000
Foundation + One Diploma 59 Rs 94,500
Foundation + Two Diplomas 86 Rs 1,57,000
BSc Degree 114 Rs 2,21,000 – Rs 2,27,000
BS Degree 142 Rs 3,15,000 – Rs 3,51,000

BS programme- Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed Class 12 or equivalent can apply irrespective of age or academic background. Those who qualify for the exam can join the program immediately.

Also, students who have appeared for their Class 11 final exams can apply irrespective of their group/stream/board. Such candidates can join the programme after passing Class 12, if they pass the qualifier exam.

The applying candidates are expected to have studied mathematics and English in class 10.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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