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Road Safety: Mp Students Create ‘anti Sleep’ Alarm For Drivers To Prevent Accident

A team of five engineering students from Indore in Madhya Pradesh have developed a device that can notify drivers who are sleep-deprived, particularly while travelling at night. The students, who attend a private institution, have invented an “anti-sleep alarm” system for drivers to help prevent road accidents, as per a report by ANI.

How does it work?
The mechanism of the vehicle is linked to the device, which contains a sensor attached to the driver’s goggles. If the driver closes their eyes while driving, the device will activate within five seconds and the alarm will sound. If the driver does not awaken, the vehicle’s wheels will gradually come to a stop.

One of the students in the group, Abhigyan Purohit told ANI, “We have made an anti-sleep alarm device in which a sensor is installed. If the driver’s eyes are closed then the buzzer will ring and even after that the driver’s eyes do not open then the vehicle stops automatically.”

When asked about the origin of the idea, he said, “I was inspired to make this from a bus accident in Hoshangabad (now Narmadapuram) district in which the driver fell asleep and the bus met with an accident.”

Speaking to ANI, another student, Abhishek Patidar said, “It took three weeks to design it and it has been made by five people (Abhigyan Purohit, Anirudh Sharma, Darshan Jain, Abhishek Patidar and Akshay Nayak). Now, it is being made in a better way by fitting it in the glass of the vehicle or the driver’s goggles.”

The students plan to launch it in the market after having a dialogue with companies who would like to invest in their venture. The juveniles are quite ecstatic about the fact that their safety device is a new innovation, something that no other company or person has made or launched in the market.

Courtesy : Edex

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