BR Ambedkar University plays host to partition themed museum

BR Ambedkar University Plays Host to Partition-Themed Museum

At BR Ambedkar University, the Education Minister of Delhi, Atishi, inaugurated a partition-themed museum on Thursday, May 18. The opening of the museum coincided with International Museum Day, stated a report by PTI.

Located at the university, it narrates the tale of the 1947 tragedy and tries to depict the pain and the trauma that people from both sides of the border had to go through. This story will be told through interactive media.

The museum has been opened at the iconic Mughal-era Dara Shikoh Library. It has seven galleries to explain different aspects of the partition, with a special gallery dedicated to Sindh. Looking at the same rail coaches and replicas of refugee camps would prove to be quite the experience for visitors.

Those who have been through the partition have donated memorabilia to the museum. The museum also houses a Gallery of Hope and Courage with displays of mementoes, pictures and experiences of people visiting their properties in Pakistan decades after the partition.

“It is very easy to destruct the social fabric of society with hatred but it takes hundreds of years to fill those wounds, the vested interest of some broke the social fabric of our country, and until today, lakhs of families are traumatised because of that vested interest. It is important for us to mull what kind of politics we are erecting,” Atishi said during the inauguration, as stated in a report by PTI.

Courtesy : Edex

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