Online MBA course now at IIM Udaipur

Online MBA Course Now at IIM Udaipur

The tide is changing for educational opportunities as Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Udaipur, Rajasthan, announces the introduction of its first two-year online MBA course, bringing opportunities straight to the doorstep of eager professionals.

As the third IIM in the country after Indore and Kozhikode to offer an online MBA degree, IIM Udaipur has taken an innovative leap forward. Commencing from the 2023-24 academic session, students will be able to advance their career without compromising their current professional commitments.

“This curriculum has been prepared by a team of experts,” ensures Professor Ashok Banerjee, Director of IIM Udaipur. The integration of this remote learning alternative will reportedly help boost the institution’s rankings and fuel economic growth.

Working professionals can “do this course easily along with their jobs,” states Professor Banerjee.

Apart from inter-company promotions, professionals can also look forward to an increment in their salary package.

With a maximum package going as high as Rs 36 lakh per year in IIM Udaipur, the opportunity for economic advancement is significant.

The highlight of this online course is its flexibility. Professionals can access e-content according to their schedule. In case of any confusion, the option to replay the online classes ensures that every student can learn at their own pace.

Furthermore, the course fees will remain lower compared to the residential MBA programmes, although the exact figure remains to be determined.

Notably, IIM Udaipur, despite being the youngest B-school among all the IIMs, holds an impressive 81st rank in the global FT Masters in Management – 2022 (FTMIM).

It is also part of the elite top-100 management institutes worldwide and is the fourth-best B-school in India according to the recent UT Dallas India Rankings survey.

All these attributes together make the new online MBA course, a power-packed opportunity for working professionals across India.

Courtesy : IndiaToday

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