IIT Kanpur unveils affordable touch sensitive Braille learning device

IIT Kanpur Unveils Affordable Touch-Sensitive Braille Learning Device

IIT Kanpur has come up with a ground-breaking touch-sensitive Braille learning device that promises to redefine learning for the visually impaired. Engineered by Professor Siddhartha Panda and Vishwaraj Srivastava at the National Centre of Flexible Electronics (NCFlexE), IITK, the ‘Single Refreshable Braille Cell Based Braille Learning Device with a Touch Sensitive Array’


The new device provides the visually impaired with a powerful and affordable tool to embark on their Braille learning journey. With Braille literacy rates alarmingly low across the globe, this ground-breaking invention aims to close the glaring gap in accessible education.

It is a self-learning solution meaningfully designed to transform the lives of visually impaired individuals worldwide.

Professor Abhay Karandikar, IIT Kanpur Director, shared, “This unique braille learning device represents a significant step towards achieving our primary goal of bridging educational gaps. We’re committed to empowering visually impaired individuals to thrive in our increasing digital world with this affordable, efficient learning tool.”


“One of the main cost drivers in modern digital Braille devices is the inclusion of multiple braille cells, typically more than five.

This substantially pushes up the price, often rendering these devices inaccessible to those who need them the most,” explained Professor Siddhartha Panda.

“However, the Single Refreshable Braille Cell Based Braille Learning Device we’ve developed at NCFlexE, addresses these challenges and is a viable, very affordable alternative.”


Replacing typically expensive multiple cells with a single refreshable Braille cell seamlessly integrated into a cutting-edge touch array, the device offers functionality similar to more expensive multi-cell counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. The device focuses on instructing users in the fundamentals of Braille — basic characters, words, and sentences.

IIT Kanpur’s invention is poised to revolutionise Braille education and make it more accessible than ever before. With its innovative design and affordability, this novel device holds the potential to transform the lives of millions, bringing us all closer to a more inclusive future.

Courtesy : IndiaToday

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