DU mulling to set up centre to offer job oriented courses for SOL students

NSDC, Deakin University Jointly Launch Job Readiness Programme

NSDC International (NSDCI), a subsidiary of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) today launched the Global Job Readiness Program (GJRP) in partnership with Deakin University, an Australian university. The GJRP project was launched on Skill India Digital Hub (SIDH) platform.

The global job readiness programme will be offered at two levels of proficiency, namely Foundation and Intermediate which will be determined based on a pre-programme assessment process. Under the programme, Indian youth enrolled in the programme will undergo live training sessions and build capabilities on diverse skills using a series of videos, flip cards, diagrams, and other visuals.

The job readiness programme will offer a feasible interface, comprehensive search, personalized recommendations, online assessments, and job matching.

It will be delivered online which imparts training to young talent across six critical areas including soft skills, namely communication, collaboration, problem solving, innovation, digital literacy, and financial literacy.

On the completion of the programme, students will go through a post-programme assessment and subsequently, will be awarded a digital badge and certification that helps them to navigate effortlessly in evolving employment landscape. The programme will also offer performance scale report on the pre and post assessment which will provide student a view on their performance.

“Deakin’s collaboration with NSDC International for the Global Job Readiness Program is now live and it will be exciting to see this strategic initiative unlock the potential of India’s ambitious, young professionals. By combining Deakin’s global expertise with NSDC’s commitment to skill development, the program will deliver a unique set of skills that will bridge the gap between industry and skilling to meet its demands. This partnership opens doors to a future where India’s workforce stands out as globally competitive, contributing significantly to its progress,” said Ravneet Pawha, Vice President (Global Alliances) and CEO (South Asia), Deakin University.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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