How to be a successful engineer

How to be a successful engineer

Around 1.5 million engineers graduate every year in India. But very few in this number acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to become successful. To become a successful engineer in the land of many engineers, you need to be gritty to outsmart your competitors. You need to stay focused on learning and you need to stay determined to your goals. Sinking to the bottom of learning of your most treasured education course – Engineering would definitely help you to shine on your career. But most of the times the engineering students drift away from their goal. This is can be due to successive failures in the engineering curriculum. Or it can happen due to the absence of proper mentors and lack of resourceful networks. There can be other external factors like lack of motivation, seriousness, and interest. Motivation, interest, and seriousness can be developed through guidance and mentorship.


In engineering, learning by doing is the most preferable way to become successful. During the college days, if you develop a habit of reading different books on every subject and at the same time if you implement the learning into creation and development you will have a better understanding of the subject. For e.g., if you are studying computer engineering and you like programming extensively, start solving real industry problems and simultaneously start reading books and start watching videos for advanced learning. Or if you’re studying mechanical engineering and you like the automobile industry, then start reading different books on industrial design of automotive and its development. After that start designing and constructing machine prototypes. In this way, you will learn and remember every point in detail. If you get stuck in between your learning process, do not be afraid to ask questions to your teachers and professors. They are there to help you and guide you. They will happily answer all your queries and they will clear your doubts.


Try to get into a group where you can work and learn. Sometimes working alone and learning alone is not the solution. There would be difficult times which you will not be able to tackle. So, make friends, have fun. At the same time learn from them. Even the smallest of learning from them can create a positive impact on your journey of success.


Do projects. Yes! Take challenging projects and try to complete at least 2 to 3 projects successfully. This will not only increase your knowledge and skills but in turn, it will also give a boost to your confidence. Afterward, make a good portfolio and add the project details there. This will be handy after you complete graduation.


In any profession, learning is a continuous process. Till the last day of your work, you learn something. So, be ready, energized and flexible to learn every day. When you will step into the industry, the management would expect you to work and learn. Learning is an inevitable part and it is the most precious thing for growth. You see, success is relative and success is cumulative of every day’s growth. So keep faith in the system and trust what you learn.


Soft skills are the non-ignorable part. You need to have good communication skills and presentation skills. You also need to be an excellent team player. This will not happen in one day. You will acquire these skills with time.


Do not neglect the business aspect of engineering. Remember, a product without a consumer is treated as waste. If you’re planning to become an entrepreneur as you have some idea, think every point cautiously. Is your product or service industry relevant? Will it acquire the market and generate ROI? There are many questions like this. Study the business part carefully.


Except for the integration constant, there is nothing constant in this world. Hence, you have to stay prepared for changes pertaining to the engineering industry. The mantra of success is to have a vision towards the long-term achievements for which you need to work hard and stay optimistic. 


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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