Importance of IoT

Importance of IoT

IoT devices have occupied a major space in the consumer, commercial, industrial and infrastructure sector. For example: – due to the advent of IoT in technologies used in cities, it has become easy for city police to monitor traffic and weather predictors to predict weather conditions. Like this, IoT has taken its footprints into the agricultural sector too as the farmers have started practicing farming using IoT for sustainable and productive farming to feed the increasing population which is likely to touch a figure of 9.7 billion by 2050 (as predicted by the United Nations – Department of Economics and Social Affairs). Other industries like Healthcare, Sports, Logistics, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc. have started using IoT to take their businesses to the pinnacle of perfection.


In other words, the convergence of the internet in every possible thing has made work and life processes easy for us. If you are 90s kid, do you remember the days when we had a cell phone with which we could only make calls and send messages? Times changed and so did the mobile phones; for the last few years, we have seen the growth of smartphones, through which have access to thousands of songs, movies and T.V series, innumerable books, online stores (literally for everything), games and almost anything. It is only because of IoT we are able to rent cars or bikes whenever we need. Everything around us from newspapers to alarm clocks is now connected to the internet. You have the option to keep a check on your pets by the help of activity or GPS location trackers.


How to make a career in IoT Industry?

The IoT market is growing and so is the need for IoT professionals. This domain demands highly skilled engineers and technical professionals that have the capacity to support the existing and upcoming IoT devices and technologies. Hence, IoT has become a career choice for many as it has the probability of taking an individual to the topmost professional position. Doesn’t it sound exciting when you think to have a career in IoT incepted industry? You can make a career in IoT in the following domains: –


1. Web Development Engineer – Web development engineers are different from web developers. A web developer is responsible for designing a website but a web development engineer is responsible for making applications. Web development engineers built applications like Spotify, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, etc. by writing codes. To become a web development engineer you need to be fluent in programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Perl. Along with that if you are able to acquire skills on HTML, CSS, and Microsoft.Net Visual Basic; you will be able to write more complex codes and create more advanced IoT applications.


2. Software Engineer – To become a Software Engineer you need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering or any relevant field. A good software engineer is an excellent thinker with logical and efficient problem solver. The skills required to become a software engineer are more or less the same to the skills required to become a web development engineer. In addition, you need exquisite soft skills as communication is a major skill-set demanded by the software industry. As a Software Engineer, you should always be curious and open to learning new technologies as “curiosity never kills a cat” in the software industry.


3. Computer Network Architect – Computer Network Architects are involved in the design and operation of hardware and software systems. They work to improve technologies so that businesses grow without troubles. Bachelor’s in computer science or computer engineering is the education qualification required to become a Computer Network Architect. You should have sound knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, computer software, applications, and programming. Remember, Computer Network Architects are creative thinkers and they are strong decision makers. So, be ready for challenging tasks!


4. Chief IoT Officer – A Chief IoT Officer is an in-charge of an enterprise that looks after the production of IoT enabled devices and software which have the capacity to support daily business requirements. For becoming a Chief IoT Officer you need to have a vision for developing new technologies from scratch. An individual with quality lean and agile thinking ability and an adaptive mindset for changes become the got to Chief IoT Officer of an enterprise. As a Chief IoT Officer, you will develop strategies and plan according to the business requirements and client demands. A master’s degree holder with few years of experience in the software industry is preferred over other candidates that apply for this position.


5. IoT Security Specialist – Securing data from theft has been talked about concern in the IoT industry in the recent past. Despite that, there is a gap of skilled professionals in this field. The influx of IP enabled devices at homes and offices have created a need for IoT security specialists more than ever. Therefore, IoT security services have become a career choice for many individuals and learners from various fields. To keep devices and websites safe from hackers, an IoT Security Specialist needs to have expertise over security tools like AWS IoT Device Defender. As an IoT Security Specialist, you need to be a critical analyst of security systems to zero down the attacks from hackers and identify probable hacking opportunities. Data Science and Data Analysis are other specializations for IoT Security Specialists to track threat vectors and identify potential attacks.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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