Google, Intel Offers MOOCs to upskill graduates

Google, Intel: Offers MOOCs to upskill graduates

Technology giants like Google, Intel tie up with Massive Open Online Course(MOOCs) platforms and they have set up their own online virtual labs to upskill graduates by offering courses on emerging platforms.


How do you study for a field that’s changing all the time? Software engineering graduates from three years ago have to start from scratch when it comes to aspects of artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning and robotics. Professionals are finding the very nature of their jobs changing, in sectors that range from software engineering to banking and telecom.


Now, tech companies are stepping in to help. In collaboration with governments and academia, they are offering upskilling courses online, designed for professionals as well as fresh graduates.


While Google collaborated with e-learning platforms such as Udacity and Coursera to offer free programmes in Google analytics, android development, full stack web development, mobile web specialisations and cloud certifications, Microsoft set up three e-learning platforms of its own – the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA), the Microsoft Imagine Academy (MIA) and Microsoft Professional Programme (MPP), offering free modules for absolute beginners and also mid-level professionals, and paid-for certification courses for IT students, teachers and engineers.


Intel launched the AI Developer Education Program, a self-paced learning course for developers and students looking to understand the fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning. More free online courses being added by Google will include a machine learning crash course and an Android Basics one, both for non-engineering beginners and professionals.


Courtesy: hindustan times


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