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What Zoho offers for business, uLektz offers to higher education

Zoho is one of the brands which works to offer online applications, software and backing services to business houses. Zoho is a benefactor of cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution along with 25 online applications counting invoicing, project management, wikis, note-taking, databases, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing and other software which are preordained its emphasis on the mechanism to make business operations automated and unswerving for effective management.


Zoho right from its commencement has staked on SaaS and turned out to be one of the foremost contributors in making Chennai a SaaS based hub. This undoubtedly displays an enormous potential for SaaS built corporations. Zoho has tried to venture in almost all types of corporate functionality with the software applications through focus on SaaS built system.


Earlier companies like Adobe, Microsoft ventured into business resolutions with the product-based applications software and business ERP’s however with the modern era these companies have now twisted to brand solutions such as Photoshop and other audio, video editing tools, graphic design, video editing, Web development, and photography editing, available via an annual subscription with a SaaS based system. The list of brands entered with same business solutioning approach has quite a long list such as Amazon Web Services SaaS, Google G Suite, Slack., Zendesk, ADP, Oracle, Cisco etc.


Pros of SaaS:


SaaS based applications have a robust backing to business. It required a minimal investment as there is no supplementary prerequisite to purchase or install hardware or software which further primes to Swift set up and placement. One can have easy accessibility to SaaS application through a browser and an internet connection with easy upgrades of applications with low engrossment of technical team. User friendly Applications and Improvised Auto scaling services for time saving business operations produces effective results with less of supervision. Apart from the usage and features the payment model for SaaS based applications generates economical processes with flexible subscriptions and develops a Pay as you go mode.


With such benefits SaaS in cloud computing such as data storage, personalized computing, sharing and collaboration, on-demand scaling etc. have brought a big clambering in corporate world.


How SaaS-based companies help business:


Most of the SaaS based companies primarily focus on business helping them with Suite of apps for team collaborating and improving productivity and profitability.


With the same approach and apparatus ULektz has originated with the tailored solutioning crystal-clear concentration on education sector primarily for the higher education. SaaS based applications by uLektz is a giant move for Easy-to-use seamlessly unified suite of apps which ultimately aimed at providing a one stop solution for education industry.


uLektz integrated suite of apps cater the needs of all the accompanying individuals associated with education sector such as Students, Educators and institutions. The startup uLektz has frolicked a dynamic role to produce an astonishing solution to higher education.


Let’s explore more about this name.


uLektz provides a suite of apps with curated resources and services for all the stakeholders of higher education to enhance education and ensure students’ success, thus addressing the problem of unemployment and underemployment of fresh graduates.


uLektz provides SaaS-based software solution with white-labelled mobile apps to colleges and universities to: 

  • Enable digital education for learning and campus management, connect students and educators across institutions for sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise. 
  • Profile students using AI and offer them 360-degree personalized guidance and appropriate resources and services for education, skills and careers through its built-in marketplace.


uLektz being a SaaS-based solution, institutions need not to purchase, install or maintain any hardware or software. The app, backend platform and the resources offered through the platform are all updated and maintained by the expert backend team at uLektz so that institutions can focus on their core offerings – education.


Further, let’s go through the Suite of Apps from uLektz


uLektz Campus: uLektz Campus is a one-stop solution providing a suite of apps, resources, and services for all your institution’s needs accessible through One Single App. It is a first-of-its-kind SaaS-based educational ERP exclusively designed for higher education institutions. It helps colleges and universities enable digital for learning and campus management and connect their students and faculties across institutions to share knowledge, experiences, and expertise.


By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), uLektz profiles its members and offers them 360-degree personalized guidance and appropriate resources and services for enhancing education, skills, and careers.


uLektz Books: uLektz provides 5000+ curated eBooks and videos from Open Educational Resources (OERs) such as NPTEL, NCTEL, IITs, SWAYAM, etc., and facilitate institutions to aggregate digital content of various formats such as e-books, videos, presentations, PDF, PPT, DOC, etc., from their expert faculty, and create their own E-Library of Digital Content.


uLektz Preps: It offers latest study materials and mock tests for various competitive examinations and corporate placements.


uLektz News: It offers latest educational News/Events/Scholarships and Interviews.


uLektz Skills: By partnering with internationally acclaimed MOOCs providers like, uLektz provides students the access to more than 55,000 latest industry-required skill courses on various domains and disciplines with certifications from leading institutions and experts for skill development. It also provides students mock tests to practice & improves their Aptitude and English skills.


uLektz Connect: World’s #1 Social Learning Platform exclusively for the Students, Educators and all other Stakeholders of Higher Education. It enables educators for the below mentioned facilities.

  • Connect with peers and expert faculties
  • Share knowledge, experiences, and expertise
  • Enhance education, skills and careers
  • Earn recognition, rewards and honoraria


uLektz Jobs: uLektz partnered with world’s #1 jobs aggregator that aggregates jobs from more than 200 job portals like,,, etc., and provides thousands of internship and job opportunities for students to choose and apply.


uLektz Interns: It offers internship Opportunities in Top MNCs and Startups, helps find and apply for internship opportunities from thousands of companies for Engineering, MBA, Media, Arts, and all other streams of graduation.


Conclusively we can say that with similar approach like Zoho, uLektz will also be a major contributor for the SaaS based applications in education sector and one fine day turned out to be leader with a rich inheritance of inventing to deliver global solutions for current as well as budding clients.


Courtesy: Inventiva


Download uLektz Apps for Latest Educational News /Events/Scholarships. 


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