tips for successful interview

Tips for successful job interviews

Though feeling nervous is common while going for an interview for the very first time one need to feel confident about the interview. This confidence comes with proper preparation. To make an interview a successful one certain things should be done before heading for an interview. With proper preparation one can feel a lot more comfortable while answering the questions. 


In this article, lets discuss some of the measures one should take to gain the interviewer’s attention and make them know that you are the best fit for the job.


1. Read Everything about the Company you are going for – It is a must do step. You cannot go for an interview without knowing the company details. How can you be sure that you will like working there? It would be disgraceful if you opt for the job only to discover that you don’t like working there. This is why it is essential to know the company head to toe. Read about the history of the company, read about their current projects. Read about the financial stability of the company and know how they treat their employees. Know about the job role that you have applied for – Is it a convincing one? What are the future scopes of it? If you have a LinkedIn account (which you should have), try to find the employees of the company and discuss with them about the company. This way you will get to know every little detail of the company and it will be very much beneficial for you during the interview hour.


2.  Draft your Story well – The first question that you will encounter in an interview is – “Tell us about yourself” and your answer to this question will create your impression for the questions to follow. Prepare your story well. Hierarchically chart out all your qualifications, achievements, experiences (if any) and your skills and make a good story out of it. Not only your academic achievements, add your extra-curricular achievements and interesting stories from your life experiences. Keep the interviewer engaged and keep the story interesting.


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3. Grooming for the Best – Walking in an interview in formal attire with a formal folder carrying all your documents is the preferable way to go for an interview. Your attire should be neat and clean. If possible, ask the recruiting team what you should wear for the interview.


4. Keep Documents Ready – Even if you have mailed your CV and other supporting documents to the HR, it is always suggested to keep copies and original documents like your CV, ID Proof, Mark Sheets, Certificates, Photo etc. ready. You would be asked to show the necessary documents and you do not want to look blank at that time. To avoid any confusion, always keep your extra copies and original documents with you.


5. Be on Time – If the recruiting team has asked you to come at 10 am for the interview, try to be there 10 mins earlier. You should not be too early neither you should be late for the interview. Be sure what about the transport facility to reach your destination.


6. Stay Positive and Be yourself – Have positive thoughts about the interview and always be extra-careful to not to say anything negative during the interview hour. Have a positive body language and you will definitely succeed in the interview.


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