What Are Some Non Coding Jobs

While coding is one of the most precious skills to have in the 21st century tech-drenched world, however, many students face difficulties with coding or what commonly called computer programming language. It is not because that they don’t have the aptitude to solve complex algorithms, nor it is because they are not good analytical thinkers, but it is because they have a knack of doing something else which can yield them better results than coding jobs might have presented them.


If you are an engineering student (be it from any discipline) and you are facing the same situation, then don’t get dispirited, there are some of the best career paths waiting for you. In this article, we are going to read about some of those career paths.


1. Technical Writer/Blogger It is one of the most unconventional career paths for Indian students, but it offers a lucrative professional journey. For students who are keen about the tech industry – from Artificial Intelligence to gaming, this is a career path they can select. But students that are eager to become technical writer need to adjustable writing skills as this industry requires versatile writers, who can interview star-up CEOs and corporate leaders. A journalism degree is an added advantage but if the student is a unique writer, then it doesn’t matter. From writing products/services tutorial to give reviews, there are lots to explore in this field.


2. Sales and Marketing – Without a proper sales and marketing team, it is impossible for tech companies to give market exposure to their products and services. It simply means they need skilled professionals to sell their product and students with good communication skills and negotiation capabilities are often regarded suitable for this job post even if they do not possess a BBA or MBA degree. There are many companies that hire students from technical background and give them proper training before assigning them on/off-field works. Some of the modern-day sales and marketing roles include skills on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-per-click advertising, Content marketing, Web production, and Social media marketing.


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3. System Administrator – System administrators are vigorously needed by IT firms as they set up servers, get email server work, back up files for an entire company, and create firewalls to protect a network. It is of minimal importance to have programming experience but a strong understanding of how to operate a computer from the command line is always required. Students with working experience in Visual Basic are well suited for this job role. Patience is another skill set which is appreciated in this job as often a system admin need to work with irritated users who are unable to check their email or submit their project reports on time.


4. Business Analyst – One might assume that developing software is easy but in reality, it is not. Software development is not something done as per to a customer’s requirement, as a customer hardly ever the technicality of the software. Business analysts play a key role in this as they understand the customer requirement thoroughly and then translate it to a hierarchy of tasks that developers can work on easily. So, students with a good understanding of software development (without coding) can opt for this job role.


5. UX/UI Development Jobs – The most common of non-coding jobs fall under the branch of user experience and user interface (UX/UI) development. There are several job roles under this category which are related to how a user interacts with websites or web/mobile applications. The skills needed for this job role include design, psychology, human-computer interaction, as website and applications are tested by UX/UI personnel where they sketch out wireframes and mock-ups for developers to complete designing a perfect user interface.




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