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Ahmedabad University gives option for students to study online even if campus reopens

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, students joining Ahmedabad University can opt to attend classes online till December this year, even if the campus is reopened earlier, the University announced on Thursday.

This decision comes as the University puts in place stringent plans and operating procedures to ensure student safety during the new academic year.

The date to reach the campus during the Monsoon Semester is uncertain and the University will ask students to report to the campus only when it is safe for them to do so.

“We have decided that if any student feels uncomfortable to come to campus even when the campus has been opened, we will provide the facility for them to study online till the time they feel they are ready to be on campus,” Professor Pankaj Chandra, Vice-Chancellor, Ahmedabad University, said in a statement.

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Ahmedabad University will start its monsoon semester online in August and has made detailed plans on how to open campus, as and when the situation allows.

However, all students will have the flexibility to decide if they want to attend classes online or on-campus. This will allow students to start the academic year on schedule, and from the safety of their homes, if necessary.

“We will see when the situation is safe to bring our students to campus. We are not bringing anybody on to the campus, until and unless we are very sure that everybody is safe,” Professor Chandra said.

“Whenever the pandemic situation improves and we bring our students on to the campus,” he informed.

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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