FDP Webinar (2)

ADM College in association with uLektz Campus to conduct Faculty Development Programme on Cloud-based Campus management system

A.D.M College in association with uLektz Campus to conduct a “Faculty Development Programme on Cloud-based Campus management system” (webinar) on August 20 & 21, 2020. The FDP will be conducted live on Google Meet from 03:30 P.M onwards on Thursday & Friday. Candidates/Interested members can register for the FDP which is free of cost.

About ulektz campus

uLektz campus has produced excellent platform and technology-based functionality for universities specifically for higher education through the support of flipped classroom & E-learning. Students are conversant well in advance with the topics which ultimately facilitates students to develop critical thinking by going through the videos, digital notes. It helps universities to persuade the student not to just read the topic but also to understand its application in the professional world. With an e-Learning and flipped classroom, uLektz campus always focus to stay ahead of education transformation challenges and through its association with many colleges and universities and all other stakeholders of higher education.

One-stop solution for all the needs of your institution

It is imperative that you need to leverage innovative technologies and services to create engaging learning environments, improve administrative efficiency and ensure students success by providing them with appropriate resources and support for education, skill development and jobs. But, implementing multiple software systems and services with different login credentials, user interfaces and user experiences make the students , faculty members and administration staff feel burdened, demotivated and even threatened. Ultimately, with no effective usage of the implemented software systems and services, all the efforts and investments made by you and your institution go in vain.

To address the dynamic, complex and critical challenges of higher education, and ensure the effective usage of the implemented software systems, we designed uLektz Campus, a SaaS-based EdTech platform providing one-stop solution for all the needs of higher education. It helps you integrate and automate all the processes of your institution, and provide your students and faculty members with appropriate resources for enhancing education, skills and careers. Thus enabling success for your institution. To meet the specific requirements of each institution, uLektz Campus is offered to colleges and universities in 3 different editions.

About ADM College

The College exclusively for women was founded in 1975 by ‘Vidhya Seva Ratna’ Thiru. A. D. Jeyaveera Pandian, Thiru. A. D. Jawaharlal Pandian, ‘Kalvi Vendhar’ Thiru. A. D. Jeyem Pandian (President) and Dr. A.D.Jegadheeswar (Vice-President), in the name of their Parents A. Duraisamy Nadar and Maragathavalli Ammal and fulfills its mission to provide holistic higher education to the young girls from the rural areas of this District. The College has empowered generations of women, many of whom serve our nation with passion and commitment. The College is affiliated to Bharathidasan University and run by ‘Natarajan Dhamayanthi Educational Society’.

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