Tamil Nadu state government issues new SOPs after reopening colleges and hostels

The Tamil Nadu State Government has issued new Standard Operating Procedures for the universities, colleges, and college hostels a day after the colleges in the state were reopened. The new guidelines have been issued by the state government keeping in mind the current pandemic situation in the state.

According to the new guidelines released, more than 50 per cent of the students should not be present on the campus at any given point and every student, teacher, and non-teaching staff member must maintain social distancing.

Detailed SOP

According to the new guidelines released, the students and all others inside the premises of the colleges are required to wear face masks at all times while only 50 per cent of students will be allowed inside the college campus.

Students also have the option of studying online for the courses that they have enrolled in and extracurricular activities will be avoided keeping in mind the social distancing rules. The engineering colleges are also required to maintain physical distance if the campus space permits and the students from any two years will be allowed to attend classes in one day on repeated alternatives.

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The teaching hours will also be extended according to the requirements of the institution. It must also be noted that a six-day schedule will be followed so that the classes can be conducted in phases and seating arrangements can be made as per the social distancing rules.

The class size at the universities and colleges are also to be reduced with multiple shifts.  And no visitors will be allowed inside the university or college premises.

The Tamil Nadu state government had also reopened the schools in the state from Monday – February 8, 2021. The decision to reopen the schools and colleges was taken after consulting the health experts and conducting COVID-19 tests.

Courtesy: Jagran Josh

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