Top Management Streams Opted by Indian Students

Top Management Streams Opted by Indian Students

India produces a large number of management students who are well equipped with the new-age knowledge and skills to handle the challenges thrown at them. With few of them handling the businesses of large corporate conglomerates at a global level, Indian management students have created a niche demand for them. Ensuring a broader perspective to the students through which they can overcome major hurdles with a much more pragmatic approach, many students in India opt for MBA as their PG degrees. Though there are many streams that are quite popular amongst the current students as they provide better placement options along with handsome packages, the dynamic industry trends tend to change often.

As per the current industry scenario, some of the top management streams opted by Indian students are mentioned below.

  1. Human Resource: Students who are interested to pursue their career in human resources, planning, and strategy, can opt for MBA in HR Management. Under this stream, the management program includes various topics related to labor market, emerging economies, leadership, and more. This specialization is preferable to those students who have exceptional communication skills and personality and who are not afraid to showcase their boldness and confidence as and when required. A candidate who is a graduate in any stream with a minimum 50% marks is eligible to pursue MBA in HR.
  2. Information Technology: IT & Communication is a thriving sector that is in dearth of technologically advanced managers for planning, designing, selection, implementation, execution, and administration of relevant operations. An MBA degree in IT is about cultivating managerial skills in future IT managers, who will be accountable for managing their business team in the future. This stream of management is particularly dedicated to design and implement software/hardware to provide effective business solutions. For any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks an MBA in IT is easily pursuable.
  3. International Business: International processes often require skills and knowledge related to international operations, marketing, and finance, and more. Enabling an in-depth understanding of organizational behaviour and capabilities, MBA in International Business is unique which majorly deals with the business process among multinational corporations. A minimum of 50% marks is required from a candidate to pursue MBA in International Business.
  4. Disaster Management: Also known as Emergency Management, the key objective of an MBA in Disaster Management is to create new-age managers and leaders who can help either people or communities to recover from the terrible effects of the different types of disasters. Comprising of various stages such as evaluation, search, rescue, monitoring, reconstruction, relief, and rehabilitation operations, a disaster manager is responsible for planning and taking necessary actions to manage disasters via alerts, timely warning, fast response, and efficient coordination. Top MBA Colleges in India providing this specialization generally prefer a graduate with a minimum of 50% marks to enroll in the stream of Disaster Management.
  5. Marketing: Since marketing is a very competitive and lively sector, an MBA in Marketing helps to comprehend and analyse the various consumer behaviour, emerging market trends, advertising, and numerous other things that help to accelerate the business. Students who want to pursue MBA in marketing specialization, must have good communication skills along with the ability to understand consumer requirements. Graduates of any discipline with minimum 50% marks are eligible to pursue MBA in Marketing.
  6. Finance: Being one of the oldest MBA specializations, an MBA in finance enables the students with skills relevant to various subjects like costing, budgeting, capital management, and more. After gaining proficiency in these subjects, the candidates will be able to work in the finance department of any organization. Students who are interested to pursue MBA in finance management must be graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks.


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