Course in Basic Concepts of Economics

Offered By SriSattva Group Certified By American Institute Of Certified Public Accountant

About the Course:
The analysis of the economic environment requires the knowledge of economic decision making and hence the study of “Economics” is significant. This Course helps in better understanding of Why, How and For whom an Economy runs.

Topics Covered:

  • scarcity 
  • supply and demand
  • costs and benefits
  • incentives—can help explain many decisions that humans make.

Learning Content – 3 hours
Language – English
Certification – Learners will get the Certification after successful completion of the course.

Recommended Jobs:
Professional Economist.,Financial Risk Analyst.,Data Analyst (Banking Sector), Financial Planner (Banking Sector), Financial Controller/Financial Economist.,Equity Analyst.,Cost Accountant, Economic Researcher.


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