New age education and its challenges

New age education and its challenges

Hyderabad: The emergence of online education as the only option has become a reality for educational institutions across the globe. The transition from the traditional mode to a virtual one was a daunting experience for many organizations and it came with challenges hitherto unheard of.

However, for Delhi Public School, Nacharam, the journey had already been initiated by the Chairman M Komariah. State of the art recording studios, ready for online classes were part of the school infrastructure prior to the pandemic. Digital transformation happened almost overnight. To make the progression towards an online platform, all the teachers were given extensive training through webinars to familiarise them with the latest digital tools. The teachers promptly plunged into the unexplored realm of online edState of the art recording studios, ready for online classes were part of the school infrastructure prior to the pandiculation and adapted to the new normal. DPS Nacharam is in the forefront in designing effective e-learning programmes for classes Pre-Nursery to XII. The curriculum devised has all the attributes of effective online teaching-learning.

The level of digital access and efficiency acquired helps the teacher to complete the prescribed syllabi in the stipulated time frame in line with the academic calendar. Virtual tutoring has accelerated the pace of learning in classrooms. The school today witnesses flipped classrooms, collaborative learning, peer learning and blended learning. Breakout sessions permit the students to discuss and debate chosen topics.

Learning has become a fun filled and joyous experience for students. The school has devised various programs like Energizers, Micro Yoga, dance sessions and fitness activities virtually. Skill development classes are conducted to enhance their competencies in essential skills. Teachers ensure that student engagement is inclusive and personalized. Frequent online PTMs permit them to keep the parents updated on the progress of their wards. Teachers make it a point to stay connected with the parent community by speaking to at least five parents a day.

The plethora of virtual learning initiatives adopted by the school leads to enriching online educational experiences for the students. In the days to come, online learning will become the order of the day.

(The author is the Principal of Delhi Public School, Nacharam & Mahendra Hills)

Courtesy – Telangana today

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