Course in Basic Manufacturing Processes

This Course is Offered and Certified by uLektz Academy

About the Course:

This course provides students with concepts of materials and civilization, their socio economic impact, carbon steels, their classification based on percentage of carbon as low, mild, medium & high carbon steel and press-work: die & punch assembly, cutting and forming its applications.


1.Will familiarize about Cupola Furnace
2.Will demonstrate Materials, types and allowances
3.Will develop knowledge in Operations performed on a milling machine


There is no particular prerequisite to learn Basic Manufacturing Processes, you will be able to do very well, if you have these basic skills:
1. Basic Analytics skills
2. Good Understanding Knowledge
3. Good Communication skills

Topics Covered:

  • Module 1: Engineering Materials
  • Module 2: Basic Metal Forming & Casting Processes
  • Module 3: Machining And Welding Operations And Their Applications
  • Module 4: Misc. Topics/ Processes
  • Final Assessment

Learning Content – 90 hours
Language – English
Certification – Learners will get the Certification after successful completion of the course.

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