uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to announce “Top 21 Eminent Librarians in India“ for the year 2021

uLektz Wall of Fame

An initiative to identify, recognise & award the contributors to higher education

While the library marks the beginning of your journey for knowledge, the librarian holds the key to that journey. Though the library holds the books with knowledge, it’s the librarian who selects, develops, catalogs and classifies the information according to our needs, guides us through reader’s inquiries and works in-sync with other academicians to ensure the flow of knowledge within our academic community. And it is the contributions of these unsung heroes we are honoring for January 2022’s edition of Wall of Fame- “Top 21 Eminent Librarians in India for the year 2021″.

By declaring the following librarians as one of the Top 21 Eminent Librarians in India, we acknowledge and honor the efforts that they have put towards their job and through this award, we appreciate their efforts. The Wall of Fame certificate for this award represents our respect and admiration and will serve as an ongoing reminder of these librarian’s achievements.

The initiative received thousand plus valid nominations across India, of which few were shortlisted and finally, “Top 21 Eminent Librarians Across India for the Year 2021” were chosen. The finalists were selected based on the recommendations from the internal team and a distinguished independent jury panel who have played a key role in reviewing the candidates’ nominations and selecting the finalists. We present to you the Top 21 Eminent Librarians Across India for the Year 2021.

Subhash C. Sharma

Librarian at D A V College (Lahore), Ambala City (Haryana)

Dr. Balesh Kumar

Librarian, Sanatan Dharma College, Ambala Cantt

Prof. Musadiq Amin Sahaf

Librarian, Central University of Kashmir

Prof. Nishat Fatima

Librarian, Aligarh Muslim University

Prof. Bulu Maharana

Professor of Library and Information Science, Sambalpur University


I/c Librarian, Mody University

Mr. Kiran Nandi

Chief Librarian, Indian Academy Group of Institutions


Librarian, Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College

Dr. Mukesh Saikia

Librarian, Tezpur University

Mahesh Bhide


Librarian, Sri Ramakrishna college of arts and science

Dr. E. Boopalan

Librarian, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Rupesh Gaur

Librarian, Indira Gandhi National College

Dr. Jivesh Bansal

Chief Librarian, Panjab University Library, Chandigarh

Dr. Chinmay Mukhopadhyay

Librarian, St. Xavier's College

Krishnasamy G

Librarian and Information Assistant Grade - I (SG)


Chief Librarian, Library & Information Centre, Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous), Mallasamudram, Namakkal-637503. Tamilnadu, India

Alagappa University

Dr. Stephen. G

Assistant Librarian i/c Law Library, St.Xavier's University

Dr. Deepa Sharma

Assistant Librarian, BML Munjal University

Dr.K.Ravi Ph.D

Librarian, Sri Rama Krishna College of arts and science