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Why Should Indian Accountants Take up CPA from USA?

Indian Accountant for the purpose of this article will include Chartered Accountants/ Management Accountants/ Company Secretaries, Inter qualified CA/CMA/CS Aspirants and Graduates or Post Graduate degree holders in Commerce/ Finance and Accounting.

The candidates who wish to enroll for CPA of the USA needs to get their eligibility assessed first. If you are eligible, you can enroll for the CPA course directly. If you are not, it is not the end of the road; there are some bridge courses that can be done to make yourself eligible. In today’s world, due to globalization and the effects of Internet Revolution, the demand for International Professional Accountants is growing. Multinational Organizations are seeking Accounts professionals with an extra edge that offers them insights into business operations and practices. With  the  advent  of  uniform accounting  systems  globally  and  the  introduction  of  GAAP,  the  need  for  finance professionals  with CPA certification  is  increasing  in  the  corporate  world.

Thus the primary reason for taking up a CPA from USA is to maximize the chances of securing an entry into a MNC. If you opt for a CPA certification at the right age, the chances of getting into a Big 4 or a MNC is very bright which would mean a great career ahead.

Experienced industry specialists do assert that a Qualified CA/CMA from India will find it difficult to secure an entry into a MNC unless they have cleared their exams with very good scores.

However, an additional certification like CPA will pave their way, as these candidates would have an extra edge over the competition.

CA/CMA graduates are no strangers to hard work, hence passing the CPA exam would be a relatively easier task for them as compared to the rest. Also, Up skilling is no longer an option, it is a necessity. A CPA from the USA would be the necessary additional thrust required to jump start their career.

CPA is very suitable for CA / CMA / CS aspirants who are finding it difficult to complete their program successfully and acquire the necessary qualification. To acquire these certifications, one has to pass all 4 or 8 papers at a time depending on whether it’s one group or both groups. That too with a minimum score of 40% and an overall aggregate score of 50%. In comparison, CPA certification offers more flexibility. For starters, the candidate can choose the number of papers he or she wishes to attempt at one go. The credit for passing an exam is valid for an 18 month period and they can utilize this time to complete the remaining papers Thus the probability for success is relatively higher in the case of CPA since they will have to pass only 4 papers, as compared to the other Indian Professional Certifications. Upon completion they can join the league of Global Professional Accountants which would give the much needed push to their career.

One of the Pre-requisites of the CPA from USA is a qualification like B.Com / M.Com/ MBA or Finance etc. So, Post Graduates and Graduates in Commerce/ Finance and Accounts, who have spent nearly 3 to 5 years in pursuing their degree, would find it advantageous to secure this certification. The global recognition of this program virtually guarantees their desirability in the employment stakes.

India is part of a dynamic growing market. The new world scenario is such that foreign investors look at India as a favorite investment destination to take advantage of the opportunities available here. Simultaneously, Indian conglomerates who are wanting to list on NASDAQ, are adopting International standards. This throws open a wide array of opportunities and there is an ever-growing need for qualified CPA’s. In addition to this many MNCs have their back end for their global accounting operations in India which also offers huge potential for a qualified CPA.

CPA from USA certification is the competitive edge that would make the average Accountant stand out from the crowd. What you need is the right mix of guides and mentors who can help you plan and practice for the CPA exams, using proven learning techniques and expertise in solving the exam papers.

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Ganesh Vaideeswaran

Ganesh Vaideeswaran is a Qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, CPA, CIA & CMA from the USA who has been teaching students across the globe for over 20 years for CPA, CIA & CMA examinations. He is the founder and Chief Transformation Officer at FINSPIRE Academy, one of the premiere academies in Chennai, that specializes in training students for the US CPA & the US CMA examinations, through a scientific learning methodology that includes live online classes, proprietary videos, professional mentoring, and the Wiley software.

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