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How to Choose a Career

The best way to choose a career is exploring your strengths because your passion will launch your career. People accept excellent orators because they enjoy listening to them. Such public speakers become public representatives because they can influence people. Making the right career choice is crucial because it will guide your future course of life.

If you are confident in speaking in debates, then you can become an academician because you will give lectures at colleges. God has gifted every human with a skill that he will use for his livelihood because every human is unique. Even identical twins have varying personalities & tastes because every individual is different. Heredity plays a part in career choice because teacher parent’s children have a better ability at teaching but this is not the rule.A person will excel in a profession he’s passionate about because passion will make the effort sincere & enjoying.

Those excited to become Doctors excel because they endure in practical’s sharpening their skill & knowledge. If you fancy becoming an army officer, then your effort will be maximum because your passion will multiply your effort. While choosing a career, one should not get swayed by others because you will shine in your field of passion.

The best way to choose a career is doing a SWOT (Strength, Weakness Opportunities & Threats) analysis because it measures your areas on a scale. It is prudent to choose a career which is your strength with opportunities because you have plenty of options in crunch situations. Those with good communication should take up marketing because they can persuade & in difficult situations will have many opportunities.

Those enjoying machines & problem solving should pursue engineering because problem solvers make excellent engineers. Your passion will power your effort because you will enjoy your work leading to excellence. Let’s take Pharmacy line because it’s an evergreen field with plenty of career options. A pharmacy professional can choose varied career paths depending on his acumen & passion, because passion guides your performance.

Those with research aptitude can become scientists because they devise new formulations & their effects. These individuals foster discovery & will strive to plan drugs because they are chasing their dreams. Students who read newspaper can become Drug Inspectors because they are aware of the salaries & the job requirements. These drug inspectors raid unauthorized pharmacy stores because many pharmacy stores run without a license.

Many individuals fancy the glamorous life in corporates because of good salaries. Such people can become quality assurance officers because they will give quality clearance after inspecting the drugs. If you have good communication & presentation skills, then become a Product Manager because you will detail drugs to Doctors. Companies pay Product Managers well because they introduce new medications & demand prescriptions.

One should be B. Pharma & having M. Pharma is helpful because one exhibits complete knowledge while presenting to doctors. Students should choose a career based on their aptitude because you will earn your livelihood from it. One shines in a profession which one admires because you multiply your effort for your passion.

People who are experts in interacting should pursue Pharma marketing because they will augment revenue through marketing of medicines. This is very lucrative because firms want professionals who can increase their revenue. One should recognize their passion & map their strengths & opportunities because this enables choosing the right career choice.

Those wanting to choose a career in retailing can open pharmacy store in hospitals because pharmacists are vital for any institution. Students can open retail stores because India’ vast population requires enough pharmacists to cater to the growing number of patients. While choosing a career, candidate should consider opportunities because during recession an evergreen profession will not diminish.

Pharmacy is an evergreen profession because for humanity to survive, we require potent vaccines for neutralizing viruses. Your career choice should include your interest & passion because they will foster your career in life. Those enjoying outdoor life should pursue marketing because it allows one to travel & meet new people. Individuals can visit many places enriching their experience because this fosters smartness. You interact with clients & persuade them for purchase because good communication is a vital skill. Please consider your passion while choosing career because this will multiply your efforts manifolds.

If you love working on computers, then become an IT professional because there are many opportunities in this sector. Those enjoying designing should become graphic designers because it has a plethora of opportunities. With social media on the rise, graphic designers are in demand because visuals convey message better than words.

Apart from digital marketing, graphic designers can do flex printing because all physical stores require flex banners for advertising. While choosing a career, one should not worry about the initial salary because once you establish yourself, money follows.

Those planning for a flying career should pursue physics & math at 10+2 because all flying schools require this combination. Commercial pilots get hefty salaries & enjoy a challenging life because they fly between continents & experience different cultures. For becoming flying officer in IAF PCM is compulsory in 10+2 because they maneuver advanced jets & jumbo planes. Those who love science should become scientists because they will conduct operations proving their results.

The GOI’s prestigious Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) nurtures young scientists because they will foster discovery for the country. Prominent Institutions like DRDO, ISRO, and CSIR etc. train them because they are indispensable for the nation. India’s young population is its biggest asset because, through discoveries, they will spearhead India’s growth. While choosing a career, the opportunities quotient is crucial because it will cushion you in recession. Those who missed NEET shouldn’t feel bad because life sciences provide innumerous opportunities. They can enter paramedical because paramedics are indispensable to recover patients.

With the mushrooming of super specialty hospitals, paramedics are in demand because they assist doctors in diagnosing the disease. Choosing a career in paramedic is helpful because of tremendous opportunities & an ever-growing field. With an ageing population, we need physiotherapists who relieve patients from pain because they are experts in pain mitigation.

If you are interested in electronics, then you should choose a career of electronics engineer because India is struggling in the semiconductor space. Electronics engineers are in high demand because to establish India globally Government is incentivizing local manufacturing of processors. One should choose a career which is evergreen because there will be a regular demand for work. Civil engineering is a good career option because India is undergoing rapid infrastructural reforms.

India needs skilled highway engineers because they will foster the development of expressways. Structure engineering is a good career option because it supports rapid rails & flyovers crucial for mass transportation. Nature lovers should pursue environmental engineering because India is one of the most polluted country in the world. We require experts who can develop clean manufacturing because it will mitigate the havoc of pollution.

Industrial waste management is critical to save the environment because it is flowing into the rivers untreated & killing marine life. We require waste recycling experts who can treat the discharge because it will provide a useful by-product for other uses.


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