Future Research Talent Awards India 2023

Future Research Talent Awards- India

To be eligible for the scholarship, an applicant must –

  • be a citizen of India residing in India
  • be able to demonstrate a high level of academic ability and research potential
  • be enrolled in a program at a collaborating institution in India which includes a research component
  • be nominated for award consideration by a collaborating Indian institution specified by the ANU Colleges of Science, Health & Medicine
  • be seeking to undertake a research project in one of the specific fields of research proposed by the ANU Colleges of Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering & Computer Science

The selected candidates will receive USD 7,000.

The amount offered under the FRT program must be utilised to directly support the recipient’s participation in collaborative research at the ANU Colleges of Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering & Computer Science. It may be allocated towards costs associated with, but not limited to return airfare, visa (including any associated medical expenses), travel insurance, accommodation, and general living expenses. The management of award funds is the responsibility of the recipient.

How can you apply?
Every year, the collaborating institutions are provided with nomination instructions, including a link to the online application portal. Collaborating institutions conduct their own internal selection process and nominate a limited number of students to the ANU. The final selection from the batch of nominated students is done by ANU. Click “Apply Now”.

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