Pune University invites students to apply for 300 plus certificate courses

Pune University Invites Students to Apply for 300 Plus Certificate Courses

In order to make students ‘industry ready’, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) is encouraging students to be part of its Degree Plus programme.

The programme is conducted alongside the regular BA, BCom and BSc degrees that the students are enrolled. More than 300 certificate courses are available on the website, a majority of which are free of cost.

Spearheaded in 2021 by the then Vice-Chancellor of SPPU, Nitin Karmalkar, the initiative has made 300 to 350 courses available to students at less than the original fee. The courses have been made available in the university through tie-ups with educational and social organisations which include Harvard Business Online, Stanford University, AWS, Simply Learn, and Celebrity School as well as courses by companies like IBM.

“Through ‘Degree Plus’, students at the university will be able to get updated knowledge in information technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, economics, culture etc. Maximum number of students should avail this opportunity,” said Karbhari Kale, Vice-Chancellor of SPPU.

All the courses are online, and many are available free of cost. The course schedule for 2022-23 has been released on the website and students are granted certificates upon completion of the course. In its pilot run, nearly 26,000 students had enrolled for it and 5,000 students had taken admissions. The students pursuing degrees from SPPU, and its affiliated colleges can seek admission into the course and apply at http://degreeplus.in.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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