Telangana 85 of Category B MBBS seats in private colleges reserved for students from the state

Telangana: 85% of Category-B MBBS Seats in Private Colleges Reserved for Students From the State

The Government of Telangana issued an order reserving 15% of seats in Category-B MBBS seats in minority and non-minority private medical colleges to students across India. The remaining 85% of the seats are for students from the state, as stated in a report by The New Indian Express.

After this, the local students have access to 1,068 MBBS seats in all 24 private medical colleges in the State from this academic year onwards.

The government orders, 129 and 130, were issued by the State government on Thursday, September 29, declaring that, “15% of Category-B seats only are open to candidates from all over the country.”

Totally, there are 3,750 seats in 20 minority and four non-minority private medical colleges in the State. There are 3,200 seats in non-minority colleges, 35 per cent of them — 1,120 seats — are under Category B. In the absence of reservations, students from other states have been getting MBBS seats in these colleges.

“Due to this, students of Telangana faced a disadvantage in their own state. They were being forced to go to countries like Ukraine, China and Russia to pursue medical education,” a press release by the Health Department said.

As per the latest amendment, 85%, 952 out of the 35% seats in Category B seats, will now be reserved exclusively for students from Telangana. The remaining 168 seats will be available for students in the open quota. And since this is going to be open quota, students from Telangana will also get a shot at it.

Similarly, in minority colleges, there are 137 seats in Category B of which 85 per cent — 116 seats — will go to the students of Telangana state.

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