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DU Merit List 2022: 10 Things to Remember About the Delhi University’s Seat Allocation Phase

DU Admissions 2022 Merit List 2022 Tomorrow: Delhi University will start allocating seats from tomorrow. Through the course of this phase, candidates will be given seats based on their CUET scores and preferences of programmes and colleges (marked during phase 2).

Here are 10 things you need to remember about the new seat allocation system:

1. The highest possible preference will be allocated to the candidate based on the program-group merit list (programs with the same program-specific eligibility criteria make a program group); the category of the candidate and the availability of the seats.

2. Once candidates are allocated seats, they must accept the allocation immediately. They should not wait till the next round. A candidate’s participation in the next round can be ensured only if she accepts the allocation granted in the first round. In case of inactivity on the candidate’s part, she will be out of the system and her seat will be allotted to someone else.

3. After the candidate accepts the allocation, if a college seeks clarity/information from the candidate, it may raise a query. Please note that if a college raises a query, then candidates must respond online through the dashboard within the stipulated time. Failure to respond will lead to the rejection of the allocated seats, and the candidate will be out of CSAS 2022.

4. The college authorities will approve/reject after verifying candidature within the stipulated timing, and upon acceptance, students will get a notification on their dashboard for fee payment.

5. The subsequent rounds of allocation will be based on the availability of the seats due to cancellation, withdrawal, or rejection, and the university may announce multiple rounds. DU will also display vacant seats on its admission website before every allocation round.

6. The ‘upgrade’ and ‘freeze’ option:

· Admitted candidates can choose the ‘upgrade’ option to try for their other preference than the one allocated at first.

· If a candidate chooses ‘upgrade’ and is upgraded in the subsequent round, their current admitted seat will be cancelled automatically.

· If the higher preference is allocated, the candidate will have to accept the new allocated seat.

· Please note, the candidate to whom first preference is allocated, will not be considered for an upgrade.

· If the candidate is satisfied with the seat allocated to them, they can simply opt for the ‘freeze’ option after which they will not be upgraded.

7. Tie-breaking rules: In a tie-breaking situation, a higher percentage of aggregate marks in the best three subjects of Class 12; a higher percentage of aggregate marks in the best four subjects of Class 12; a higher percentage of aggregate marks in the best five subjects of Class 12 and the candidates’ age, will be considered, in that order, to break a tie.

8. For ECA quota: A candidate can apply for a maximum of three ECA categories, and for each category, they must upload a maximum of five certificates issued between April 1, 2017 and June 30, 2022. Allocation will be offered based on CEM (Combined ECA Merit), i.e. 25% concession on the highest programme-specific CUET percentage score of all the programmes in which they have applied and 75% concession on the highest ECA score obtained from all the ECA categories in which they have been considered.

9. For Sports Quota: 25% of the highest programme-specific CUET percentage score of all the programmes in which they have applied will be considered along with 25% of the highest-graded merit/participation sports certificate, and 50% of the highest score obtained in the Sports Trials in which they appear. There will be a CSM (Combined Sports Merit) List.

10. For candidates who failed to apply for CSAS 2022 within the designated time and wish to participate later, they can do so through the mid-entry window upon notice from the university. The candidate will have to pay a non-refundable fee of Rs 1000. These candidates will be considered for allocation only after all the candidates who applied earlier and have higher scores than the lowest declared scores have been allocated seats.

If there are vacant seats, spot admission rounds may be announced. Candidates who were not admitted to any college on the declaration of the spot admission round can participate. They will have to opt for the ‘Spot Admission’ through the dashboard. It will be based on the eligibility criteria discussed above. The candidate will be able to select only one program.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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