Study Abroad Government scholarships for Indian students in Germany

Government scholarships for Indian students in Germany

Germany has become a go-to destination for international students, and attracts nearly 35,000 from India alone, making Indians the second largest group of foreign students. Keeping this in mind, the country offers several scholarships for international students. Germany also offers undergraduate programmes free of cost (no tuition fee) in public universities, provided the aspirants meet the required eligibility.

There are several scholarships, grants, and bursaries available which can help international students financially to study in this country. The German government, corporations, universities, and some private organisations have subsidised education in Germany; therefore, state-funded institutions charge no tuition fee not only for native students but also for international students there. Besides this, there are several excellent scholarships available for masters programmes in Germany.

Government Scholarship
DAAD (Deutscher Aka Demischer Austausch dient)
Website —

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships
Website —

Eligibility — Both German and international students planning to study for Bachelors, Masters, or PhD programmes in Germany are eligible for this scholarship.

Amount/Expense Covered — EUR 10,200 – EUR 12,000 + allowance

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship
Website —

Eligibility — Those with a good academic record are eligible

For Undergraduate and Masters:

— Confirmation of study place or certificate of enrollment at a state or state-recognised German university or technical college for the course for which they want to be funded.

— Foreign applicants must also demonstrate sufficient German language skills.

— First-year students (Germans and foreign students with education) must apply before or at the beginning of the first semester.

For PhD:

— Unconditional notification of admission to the doctoral scholarship.

— Foreign applicants must also demonstrate sufficient German language skills.

Amount/Expense Covered — EUR 12,000 + allowance

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships
Website —

Eligibility — Students of all nationalities having excellent academic achievement are eligible for these scholarships. The upper age limit for applicants is 30 years.

— A university degree and proven above average academic performance.

— Good knowledge of the German language.

— Actively engaged in voluntary work.

— Plans to study a minimum of four semesters at a university in Germany.

— Support democracy, rule of law and human rights.

Amount/Expense Covered — EUR 10,332 – EUR 12,000

Marie Curie International Incoming Students Fellowships (IIF)
Website —

Eligibility — Students of all nationalities are eligible. The aspirants must have either a doctoral degree or at least four years’ full-time equivalent research experience, after obtaining a degree permitting you to embark on a doctorate. However, that is the minimum. The more experience you have, the better will be your chances of being accepted for this action.

Amount/Expense Covered — EUR 15,000

Mawista Scholarship
Website —

Eligibility — The organisation is looking for students who won’t give up and is pursuing their degree while taking care of a kid.

— Applicants must be studying abroad with a child

— Candidates need a financial support

Amount/Expense Covered — EUR 6000

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