IIT Kanpur Material Science students celebrate Research Scholars Day 2 1

IIT Kanpur Material Science Students Celebrate Research Scholars Day

NEW DELHI: The Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has organised the fourth edition of its annual student symposium, ‘Padarth (Research Scholar Day) 2023’. The Research Scholars Day 2023 highlighted the advances made in materials science and encouraged research scholars to present their recent findings, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations.

Workshops and hands-on tutorials in machine learning in materials science, and density functional theory were organised by research scholars, Owais Ahmad, Nikhil Chaurasia, Saumya Ranjan Jha, and Albert Linda, an IIT Kanpur statement said.

Professor Animangsu Ghatak delivered a lecture on ‘Role of Hierarchical surface structure on adhesion’. He explained how animals like lizards, geckos, and other insects adhere strongly to surfaces of different kinds and how artificial hierarchical surface structures could be used for making reusable papers, which can reduce environmental burden and consumption of resources like energy, water, materials and time.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation in the events such as oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, materials science quizzes, and a metallography competition. The scholars presented their work on various interdisciplinary fields ranging from biomaterials, ceramics, metals, electronics materials. The research scholars are working in areas like the development of wound dressing materials, simulation and technological advances in metallurgical processes, materials recycling and sustainable energy materials. Harvesting of stray mechanical energy from traffic movement is being done by triboelectric nanogenerator. Prof. Kallol Mondal, Head of the Department and Prof. Shikhar Misra also spoke during the event.

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