AICTE Promotion rules under Career Advancement modified

AICTE:Promotion rules under Career Advancement modified

It’s been mandatory for the engineering teachers to attend three weeks training session for their promotion. After receiving several complaints from teachers about their inability to attend these sessions, AICTE has decided to make changes in the training programmes needed for the Career Advancement Scheme(CAS).


Packed schedules of the teachers restricted them from attending the training sessions that were usually stretched up to three weeks. Most teachers found it difficult to take out time for three weeks training at a stretch. After the implementation of the new rules, they can participate in multiple training sessions lasting only for a week. “Earlier, the teachers were bound to attend 2-3 weeks of a mandatory training programme. Now, the AICTE will count multiple one-week duration courses conducted by government institutes, as equivalent to a two-week duration course,” AICTE chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe told Education Times. 


In 2012, AICTE released a notification for career advancement of teachers and other academic staff in technical colleges under sixth Central Pay Commission (CPC) that mandated minimum academic performance and training programmes of a 2-3 week for promotion to a higher grade at any government organisation such as UGC, IISc, NRC, ARPIT, etc. 


“Nowadays, the organizing institutes, as well as the teachers, do not have sufficient time to attend long training sessions. Hence, this will also help teachers as well as the institutes that conduct the courses to fully focus on the training sessions,” said Sahasrabudhe.


AICTE is also planning to introduce the 360-degree evaluation process for the teachers at engineering and other technical institutes with compulsory three-week industry internship.


“Under the new plan, student’s feedback, the response from the colleagues and the department head will be included in the teachers’ assessment. The teachers will also have to undergo a three-week mandatory industrial internship in order to get promoted,” said Sahasrabudhe.


Courtesy: TOI


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