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uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to declare “Top 20 Influential Researchers in Indian Higher Education” for the year 2021

uLektz Wall of Fame

An Initiative to Identify, Recognise & Award the contributors for Higher Education

Research is one of the significant areas through which the future of the country is decided. And Colleges/Universities are the usual premises of such innovative undertakings. Hence it is imperial to draw out the attention to people who are contributing to the future of our country and through our Wall of Fame initiative, we are planning to do just that.

Higher Education is the only industry where hope, in the form of knowledge, is cultivated and shared. This industry runs smoothly, thanks to the dedicated contributions of numerous researchers, scholars, professors, students, faculties and academicians in general.

Over the past month,  we received numerous nominations and we also generated certain nominations through our Internal Team and all these entries were considered for this award. From these nominees, each influential in their own right, we have shortlisted 50 amongst them as India’s Top 20 Influential Researchers for the year 2021.

Hearty Congratulations to each of the Wall of Fame Award winners for India’s Top 20 Influential Researchers in Indian Higher Education for the year 2021.

We would like to identify and honor the Top 20 Influential Researchers in Indian Higher Education on our portal so that potential collaborators and co-researchers from other institutions can locate and establish contact with research scholars, working in their respective areas of interest. This is aimed at increasing the visibility of the research work undertaken by them to the outside world.

The Wall of Fame certificate for this award represents our respect and admiration and will serve as an ongoing reminder of their achievements.


Professor, University of Allahabad

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr.Dinesh Acharya U

Professor, Manipal Institute of Technology

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr. Sanjay Kumar


uLektz Wall of Fame

Mr.Daya Shankar Pandey

Professor, BHU

uLektz Wall of Fame


Professor, JNU

uLektz Wall of Fame

Mr.K.George Thomas

Professor, IISER TVM

uLektz Wall of Fame

Mr.Pankaj Arora

Professor, University of Delhi

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr. Atul Khanna

Professor, Guru Nanak Dev University

uLektz Wall of Fame

Mr.Sarang Deo

Professor, Indian School of Business

Dr.M. Inbavalli

Principal, Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women

uLektz Wall of Fame


Professor, Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology, Bangalore

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr. Masilamani V

Associate Professor, IIITDM Kancheepuram

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr. Vinayak Ashok Bharadi

Associate Porfessor, Finolex Academy of Management and Technology

uLektz Wall of Fame


Associate Professor and Head - Paavai Engineering College

uLektz Wall of Fame

Mr. Syam Narayanan S

Assistant Professor- KCG College of Technology

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr. Anjum Nazir Qureshi

Assistant Professor , Rajiv Gandhi College of Engg. Research & Technology, Chandrapur

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr.Anbu Malar

Assistant Professor, Stella Maris College

uLektz Wall of Fame


Assistant Professor, School of Allied Health Sciences, REVA University

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr.Krishnakumar Kungumaraj

JRF, SSN College

uLektz Wall of Fame

Dr. P. Mohanathan

Librarian and Information Assistant Grade-I

uLektz Wall of Fame