SFI calls for protest against DUs new internal assessment scheme

SFI calls for Protest Against DU’s New Internal Assessment Scheme

The Students’ Federation of India (SFI) unit at Delhi University has called for a protest on Monday noon at the Arts Faculty against the “rushed” internal assessment (IA) scheme and postponement of exams.

The weightage to semester-end centralised DU examinations for a theory-based paper has been reduced to 56 per cent, according to a new scheme passed by the executive council on February 3.

As a result, the internal assessment, which carried 25 per cent marks earlier, will weigh more for the students than before when the weightage to the theory exam was 75 per cent.

An SFI press release stated, “The new IA scheme has increased the internal marking to 45 per cent now. This is a clear anti-student policy as it removes the students’ autonomy and diminishes the importance of standardised exams. Also, implementing such a huge policy change on such short notice clearly shows that this administration only looks at this new batch of students as lab rats.”

The release further stated that when the new internal assessment scheme was passed 15 days before exams for the first-semester batch, SFI DU took up the cause and spoke to the first-year students in many DU colleges about their reaction and claimed that they had found out that the syllabus had not yet been finished for most students.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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